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Our Know-How

Diptyque is a strategic consulting firm that specializes in Web Content & Design, with expertise stretching from brand identity to the creation of hypermedia content, from information architecture to the creation of nifty Web interfaces.

We work with company leaders at key times in the life of the company or brand - growth stages, changes in dimension or in business model, international expansion - and in particular when the Web becomes the main vector of communication, marketing, transactions, services or sales.

Our key skills

  • Providing conceptual direction

  • Organizing the coherence of the messages

  • Creating and distributing appropriate content to suit the various audiences

  • Defining real online services that create value both for the company and for its customers/ clients

Our areas of expertise

  • Corporate & Brand Content

  • Web Content & Design

Portfolio · SeVeal


SeVeal is France's leader in marketing of agricultural supplies ­ seeds, fertilizers and crop protection products. Its customers are cooperatives, agricultural distributors and producers.

In a context characterised by concentration of suppliers and worldwide competition for resources, the SeVeal Web site endeavours to explain the specificities of this new business specialisation and to promote best practices aimed at protecting individuals and the environment.

The use of the CSS3 RGBa colour model enables subtle combinations of alpha transparency effects between text and images; it represents an innovative technical aspect of the site.